Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Starting New Traditions!

When I woke up this morning, something felt a little "off", like I was missing something. "Hmmm, it's Weeednesdaaaay...I was supposed to doooo somethiiiinggg..." Then I remembered...THIS IS MY NEW BLOGGING DAY! ;D

Funny enough, last week after I wrote my big long blurb about CTNX, for as much time as it took to recap that wonderFULL experience and find appropriate pics to support it, I was actually bummed that my next entry was going to have to wait a whole week! But now that it's time once again, I'm feeling like this is a perfectly managable pace, and the start of a great new tradition. (I promise I'll keep it short 'n' sweet this time!)
I've been starting each work day with little warm up sketches. Here are a few Christmassy themed pieces from this week so far to brighten your holidays!

Copic marker on bristol
3.5" square

I recently converted to using Copic markers and my life has been forever changed! I've 99.9% moved away from using colored pencils exclusively and I'm not looking back! (I still create many mixed-media pieces.)

Copic marker on bristol
Approx 3 X 5.5"

This past summer I took a Copics 101 class at a scrapbooking supply shop, of all places! I had no idea why these markers were raved about so much in the art community...until I was taught how to properly use them and physically shown what they are capable of doing!

"Nutcracker Prince" duo
Copic marker on matte paper
Approx 3 X 5.25"

Copics allow me to work soooo much faster and achieve waaaay more vibrancy than I ever could with colored pencil alone. They're fast, they're FUN, they can be layered and reworked, they can even be erased. Ridiculous. I feel so liberated by this medium, I feel unstoppable! It's irrational how excited I am for Copic markers.

More next week!

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Merry Christmas! Be happy and warm and full of gratitude! Please don't drink & drive.
Laurie B!


Unknown said...

Beautiful work :) You should do a tutorial of how you use the copic marker ! I never really understood how to make great coloring with it. I wish I could have the same course you got!

droosan said...

Happy Holidays, LaurieB..! And the Copic pix R O C K (around the Christmas tree)! ^_^

LB! said...

Thanks, you guys!
@-GFT- That's a great idea! I create video tutorials for I'll pitch the idea to them!