Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Computer Wants to Die!

If my laptop came with a "Do Not Resuscitate, Do Not Put on Life-Support" clause, I'd be in a heap of trouble right about now.

As stated by the title of this post, my computer does indeed want to die. I not terribly gifted at technical trouble-shooting, but thus far I have managed to Frankenstein my way toward adding a few more pieces to my portfolio. (Still not complete...but rounding out nicely...)

Here is the latest of said installments:

"Fly Me to the Moon"

Copic markers and colored pencil on Bristol, 9 X 15"

This piece is my contribution to the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo's 2012 Exclusive Artbook. Artists were invited to create an art piece based on the theme "Dreams and Wishes". I often have dreams that I can fly (and of course I wish that I could)! "Fly Me to the Moon" is an old Sinatra song that's been stuck in my head for the last week or more as I've been plowing through portfolio development and visualizing what dream job will come my way, where I'll relocate to, my new apartment, and all that jazz!

Detail of "Fly Me to the Moon"

 Copic markers and col-erase pencil on Bristol

Figures shown here are approx 2.5 X 5"

This art piece was inspired by my son and I dedicated it to him on the occassion of his 2nd Birthday, which was yesterday! ♥

I would definitely be interested in doing more illustration work like this, for children's books or other purposes, and am heavily considering/seeking how to have a gallery showing of my work. If anyone has a solid lead for me in this department, please contact me via my website or facebook Brownie points if you do!



Alexandre said...

Amazing piece !!! :-D
Happy Birthday to your son.

Monique said...

Wow! Your drawings and colouring are amazing!

Greetings from the Netherlands