Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Portfolio Progress

Since returning from the CTN animation eXpo in Burbank last November, I've been working toward revamping my portfolio. I received tons of feedback and positive responses from industry pros and trusted peers while I was there, so all that's been left is finding time to devote to new works! This page of pigs in particular seemed to catch many people's attention:

Pros really liked the exploration of face shapes -- circle (one squashed, one stretched), square (one squashed, one stretched), triangle (one squashed, one stretched), etc. I was surprised at their strong reactions; I knew this page presented variety, but I felt the sketches were grossly 'unpolished'. No matter! Every single one of 'em paused on this page and pointed all around! (This is essentially what my "Dailies" were born out of, btw -- a variety of pushed and pulled shapes -- except that I poured much more time and attention into each of the character dailies!)

So, naturally, in response to their high praises, I decided to explore another subject in this fashion -- this time "Geishas". I feel these ones are much more polished and non-amateur looking this time 'round. As well, I explored more than just the dead-on face views and approached some other angles and expressions:

I feel a little at a loss at times for selecting portfolio pieces though, as I don't consider myself as having a great body of work to chose from. The more pin-ups I draw, the more commissions I get; the more commissions I get, the more pin-ups I draw, lather, rinse, repeat.

I love my career path so far, I really do! For the past 4 years, my commute has been non-existent (unless you count bouncing down a flight of stairs to my drawing table a commute!), I've created my own hours, slept when I wanted to, woke the same, and throughout pregnancy and the arrival of my son, I've so far had the flexibility to spend his first two years with him, taking days off based on our local weekly weather forecast! But this 'self-employed/freelance/independant' status is not all rainbows and unicorns. It has come at its costs, too -- lack of social outlet, a wasting of my time and untapped talent spinning my wheels in the same place month after month after month, and what I fear most, getting older without necessarily getting closer to my dream job of working in feature animation. (For the record, I'm cool with getting older -- I kick more ass as I go! -- it's the getting COLDER that's got me stepping it up a notch, or 10!...) Needless to say, I feel the pressure and excitement to create each new portfolio piece from basically scratch! Not sure if that's what's necessary...But I know what I'm capable of...And I've never been more ready for the challenge!

Anyway, our current childcare arrangement is about to get turned on its head mid-month, so that sets March 15th as my deadline to get my portfolio completed! I imagine next Wednesday's blogpost will be much of an after-thought and will probably consist of minimal keyboard mashing and just a lazy cut'n'paste link to my online portfolio! Hopefully I can be a man a few words next week, in lieu of the pictures that will speak thousands of words for me! ;D

Until then, here's one more W.I.P. to tide you all over until then! (...It took me a while and I was too embarrassed to ask, but I was finally able to deduce that that stands for 'Work In Progress'.) These are hair/facial hair style and color explorations for a character I call "Peter", still unfinished mindyou, but you get the picture! ;D


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