Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Little Portfolio That Could

...I think I can, I think I can...

Not unlike my excursion to Emerald City Comic Con two weekends ago (in accordance with last week's recap) it seems that life wants to throw me every possible and obvious curve ball to deter me from this path of completing my portfolio. My laptop finally died, and I've been working off of a back-up-of-a-back-up system. Over the course of the past week, I did get an amazing opportunity to test out a Cintiq on loan from a friend. :) Alas, Photoshop crashed upon installing the driver. :( Not just crashed. Died a horrible and glorious death. Over the course of the last week, I've been: sick with recurrent ConSARS, playing single parent, running on a fume, and tried and tested in ways that I cannot explain and do not wish to discuss in a public forum.

OK. I'll quit feeling sorry for myself or making excuses...

Here is another image from my (yes, upcoming) portfolio, a sketch from life, done last week at my favorite local coffee shop (so I know it's new -- just for you)! ;)

I've taken quite the hiatus from my facebook fanpage daily uploads. That was unannounced and unplanned. I'll get back to that soon. A soon as possible. First comes meeting the personal goal/deadline of completing a portfolio ready and worthy of presenting on a broad scale, despite all obstacles. Then comes the fun and frivolous objective of getting back in the saddle with my 'dailies'. Sad but true. The "Emerald City fiasco" threw me. Had to break indefinitely. Nonetheless, I know what's ahead of me and where my intentions lie. I trust that the Universe will take care of the rest!

Until then,



Hang in there! No true Laurie B. fan could doubt your tenacity or ability to deliver when humanly possible (at times I wonder if you haven't cloned yourself).

Sometimes "life" just happens in abundance. When the clouds pass I know you'll come out shining.

LB! said...

Thank you, David. Your comment truly brought a tear to my eye. Just what my soul needed to hear, sincerely! Thank you for your support and kind and gentle words! <3

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