Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Character Design Portfolio LIIIIVES!

Without further ado!..........


Wow, that was simultaneously the easiest and most difficult blog post ever!

In all sincerity, at the time of this posting, there are a few images missing from the grand scheme of things. They are the last few edits needing a bit more additional work yet. I will update/upload them as they are completed. I spent the last two days writing my resume and cover letter and I am ready to roll out so those edits will be coming soooooon!

I'm slightly nervous and excited for what the future will hold for me. Knock wood, my portfolio will garner some attention and before I know it the shape of things to come will slowly start coming into focus. Just like a Polaroid picture! ;) My trip to CTNX last November solidified my need to relocate if I'm ever going to realize my true career goals, and the five months since then have been very eventful! Sometimes I feel like they've gone by in a blink, and at other times I feel like I've lived five lifetimes. I like it! I like feeling alive. I like the element of surprise. It keeps me on my toes! And I embrace it! Here's to 2012!

I will be in Vancouver, BC, for FanXpo this weekend at the Vancouver Convention Center, then back in Calgary for the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo at the BMo Center April 27-29. If you're attending either or both of those shows, do stop by to say hello! ;)


ps: "Happy Birthday" to my mom, and Conan O'Brien! :)

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