Wednesday, May 2, 2012


First off, I missed blogging last week...but for good reason! Calgary's Comic & Entertainment Expo was. da. BOMB.


Watching the entire cast of Star Trek The Next Generation reunite for the first time in convention history was by far the highlight of not only the weekend, but probably my life! Sir Patrick Stewart is larger than life, and the whole crew had so much awesome chemistry, it honestly was so surreal!

RIDICULOUS Saturday of the Calgary EXPOlosion! Warm, wonderful fandom all day long, capped off with a little bit of history-making. Check out that assigned seating! Whatta day, whatta night!!!!! Beyond awesome = B-AWESOME!!! (This pic was taken after hours, at late night sushi with good friends!) It's a good life! ;D

My husband usually manages the business end  of "Art of Laurie B!", but I of course was in Seattle for Emerald City Comic Con a month ago, and then Vancouver FanXpo the weekend before last, and he of course has been increasingly less available to me due to his involvement/commitment to the Expo. Thus I have begun to take more command over my business: display, printing, inventory replenishment, etc. and I'm actually digging it quite a lot! I suppose it was never fair to him or me that he was responsible for all of that before. Nonetheless, I'd been busy planning and preparing for the Calgary Expo, and WOW was I impressed with the results! The attendance was record-breaking, and the fandom was unending! I kept busy at my 10X10' booth -- run off my feet is more like it -- all weekend! Thankfully, I enlisted friends and family to help at my booth, so I was constantly covered, and I'm eternally grateful for their presence! Couldn't have done it without them! <3 The home-ice advantage didn't hurt any, either!

I definitely suffered a lot of sleep loss, but ahhhh it was worth it! Plus, give me through to the end of this week and I'll be completely recouped! I had so much fun catching up with friends from out of town, playing host, all with the creature comforts of home and the convenience of being able to sleep in my own bed each night, limited as it was! It's definitely got me thinking about how I can improve and run things differently at other shows...The gears are turning!...

Next up is San Diego Comic Con, July 11th-15th, 2012...In a way, still a couple of months a way, right around the corner!... ;)

I'd like to remind everyone again about my fanpage:
If you have any suggestions for pieces/projects you'd like to see from me at Comic Con this summer, or better yet, place a commission with me to have ready for pick up in July, please "Like" my fanpage and send suggestions that way.

Thanks again for reading and keeping up with me! And I promise to resume posting more art again reeeaaaaal soon!


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