Wednesday, May 9, 2012

This is Me, in Mad Job Search Mode!

YES! I've finally started sending out my portfolio, creating log in accounts, and applying online! So far I've hit up a few of the big guys, as well as a couple of choice places in Montreal. I already snagged and interview, so I'm pretty stoked about that!

I was in Montreal last fall for Comic Con and fell in love with the city. Plus I have a TON of friends already living there so I feel really comfortable about the thought of possibly living there. It's a beautiful city, nothing like the kind of beautiful city that Calgary is. Everything in Calgary is new and clean and shiny. Montreal on the other hand is a charming, old city with stunning architecture, and I could really get used to that! And soooo much poutine!...

I've got to keep this post short, as I have to get up at ass-o'clock for knee surgery tomorrow morning. My job search will be cut short this week, but I hope to be alert, painfree, and feeling well enough to continue with my online applications as I rest and recover at home with a laptop in my -- wait for it -- lap. That, and/or I'll finally have ample time to return to making some art! Imagine that!


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droosan said...

Best wishes, LaurieB..!

I just managed to land another short-term freelance CG job, myself (after 4 months of nothin') .. so, here's hoping some of my good luck might radiate northward. ^_^