Wednesday, May 16, 2012

B!'s Knees

So I had my ACL reconstruct surgery less than a week ago. Hindsight, the whole thing really isn't/wasn't all that bad. However, prior to "going under" I was sincerely not digging the idea of having hardware drilled into my bones. Every time I visualized it, all I could think of was how unnatural that is. AND IT IS! I'm sure many a caveman tore an ACL clean-through whilst chasing her next meal across the tundra. What did they do?! They just healed as best as they could and lived on.


Now, I fully realize that we are no longer Neanderthals. Thus, I am grateful for the profound knowlege and medical sciences that we have evolved to at this point. However, when I awoke from the anesthetic: Full. On. Pain. My surgeon visited my bedside and I asked him what size the screws are. He said, "Only about 20mm long". I said, "Oh that's not so bad; less than an inch!" ... "and 7mm thick." At which point I'm sure I looked as if I were going to faint. Which is why he promptly gave me Percocet! Weeeeee! Free Meds! I heart Canada!

LOL! Here's my weirdo sense of humor while high on Percocet. Enjoy!

That's it for now...No news to report on the job front. Maybe within the next handful of Wednesday Blogdays there'll be something exciting art-wise to write about! It's only been a week since my portfolio has been floating around in the ethereal, so I know I need to exercise greater patience. Just that these painkillers make time seem to go byyyyy soooooo sloooooow....!! ;)


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droosan said...

The Art of Laurie BORG!!

Best wishes to you! ^_^